Photo by Raphaël Biscaldi on Unsplash

Now that spring is nearly gone and the sunny summer days are looming, I am longing for an unforgettable time spent, with family and friends once again. As you all know I wrote, and self published my first children’s book called “Gabe’s Christmas Wish.” I am eager for my book launch which will be held on August 6th, 2022, we are still seeking out a venue to hold such an event, fingers crossed we find a spot.

But before book sales and celebrations, I must share with you my attempt at a fun 2022 summer To-Do list of the many festivities I bet we all will be doing this warm season.

I figured this could be a fun activity for us all to do before we start our summer play. Let’s begin!

Summer To-Do List

  • Camp at least Twice
  • Eat vegan Ice cream
  • Jog almost every morning
  • Head to the beach with family and friends
  • Harvest my first set of grapes from my grape vines
  • Spot a bird I’ve never seen before
  • Paddle boating and more…

There you have it, my 2022 Summer To-Do list. What do you think? Even if we don’t do everything on our list, we can always try the following year. I am interested in hearing your 2022 summer To-Do list for this year. Feel free to share in the comments below as I am eager to read other ideas for fun summer activities/plans.

Enjoy your summer everyone!

Katrina Doucet- Author of Gabe’s Christmas Wish