First Book Launch

Time has been on high speed this whole summer. Planned events have passed, friends and family are already discussing fall getaways. I am merely awaiting my first ever book launch.… Read More

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2022 Summer To-Do List

Now that spring is nearly gone and the sunny summer days are looming, I am longing for an unforgettable time spent, with family and friends once again. As you all… Read More

Review of Gabe’s Christmas Wish by Katrina Doucet

“It’s a nicely layered book with a good narration throughout the book. The language is pretty simple and easy making it a comfortable read… The author has done a really… Read More

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Earth Day Dried Flower Craft

Have a bunch of flowers? Want a fun craft to do with your kids while preserving those beautiful flowers? Get your kids engaged with plants, flowers and the beauty plants… Read More


Love Lantern Craft

Aren’t these love lanterns cute? This DIY is lot of fun. I wanted to share this family fun craft to you all in case you were wanting a simple yet… Read More

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Self Publishing Steps

As I prepare for self publishing my debut children’s book (Gabe’s Christmas Wish), I am keeping my composure. This is my first ever book that’s been written and self-published. I… Read More

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Dealing with Grief ( For Children)

One day I began pondering the “elephant in the room” so to speak. The question was “Do we live forever?” I was a young soul at the time, however it… Read More

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Finding An Illustrator

I am peering through my first self-published children’s book and cannot help but fall in love with the final results. I was skeptical, I figured I could attempt the illustrations… Read More