Children’s book author Katrina Doucet believes that a book can impart something powerful to its reader, and it is her goal to weave a message of love in her writings. She uses her visions and ideas to teach life lessons to her young readers.

She hopes readers come away from her book understanding that there will always be a light to guide them through dark times. As the mother of two children, Katrina is familiar with the curiosity and questions that come from kids and likes to encourage this in her stories.

For inspiration, she is cultivating her own spirituality, learning about mother Gaia and its beauty, and to have gratitude each day, even in rough times. Katrina believes that a great story is one that comes from the heart.

When she isn’t writing thought-provoking children’s books, Katrina loves being in nature, running or gardening. She lives with her two children, her partner, Derrick, and their dog, Millie, in Canada, where winters are snowy and festive and summers are filled with wildlife and gardens.

author katrina and her son
Katrina’s family inspires her every day to express herself with love and gratitude as shown through her debut picture book, Gabe’s Christmas Wish.


Growing up I always adored animals. I remember begging for my first pet at age four. I got a cute little goldfish named “Goldie. ” My love for animals extended to plants, as I grew older over the years. Currently my second children aside from my two beautiful kids became my plants. I have read many books on permaculture, canning, food forests and soil health. My new found knowledge has now ascended into an entire passion for the environment. I want to leave my kids in a world that’s cleaner and greener so I can feel rest assured that I took full responsibility as a loving mom, to assure my kids have a promising life ahead.

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Almost everyday I go for a 5km run out in nature with my dog Millie. Above is my now passed precious Apple R.I.P Apple. I enjoy the fresh air, and healthy side effects it gives me. I love running when it’s sunny and enjoy seeing wild-life on my excursions.

teddy bear with book slider2
teddy bear with book slider2

Book Reviews

If you wish to have me review your book, all I ask is we share. For a review of my book, I will review your book, add a blog about it with a link to where to find your book and an amazon review as well. 

 Contact me if you are interested. Much Gratitude.
Katrina Doucet