As I prepare for self publishing my debut children’s book (Gabe’s Christmas Wish), I am keeping my composure. This is my first ever book that’s been written and self-published. I will admit, it can be intimidating to say the least, however, I know that success is available to all of us writers.

I kindly ask for your permission to give you a helpful glimpse into my journey towards self publishing my first ever children’s book. My goal in this blog is to share some of the steps I am taking so far, to prepare for the return of zombies! I mean…for my first book launch; (zombies are overrated anyways.)

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The first step I took, was making sure I had some useful resources for writers. This was especially helpful for teaching me helpful writing tips, finding professionals, and most of the resources are free to use. The primary website that boosted my writing confidence was Reedsy. Reedsy boasts free webinars, many articles covering vast amounts of topics all writing, as well as many affordable professionals who can aid in your self-publishing journey. I am very grateful to have discovered Reedsy, and I hope that this site can help you too.

Another step I took into consideration, was making sure I had a support system behind me. When you have your loved ones cheering you on in the sidelines, it’s a huge confidence boost. I was lucky enough to have my partner and hired professionals assist me with the editing, proof reading, illustrations, and a written marketing plan. Once that was all completed, it now became up to me to now embark on my own as I am currently, working hard to prepare for my book launch July 1st this year 2022.

 However, your writing journey may be (zombies or not) there is always someone willing to help. There are many online resources, forums and writing groups that can greatly increase your chances of success on your self-publishing journey, I am cheering you on.

I will leave all the links below that I found useful for me, and I hope it can also help you. Hope you have an awesome writing filled day, many blessings – Katrina Doucet author of: (Gabe’s Christmas Wish)

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