I am peering through my first self-published children’s book and cannot help but fall in love with the final results. I was skeptical, I figured I could attempt the illustrations myself for my first self-published book (Gabe’s Christmas Wish).

Perhaps save some money and some time, well… it became more evident that it was trickier than one would think. I forgot that the art would need editing on a computer, which my tech challenged self lacked in experience. So, I decided why not have a professional illustrator do the art for my story. It took lots of searching, scrolling through many lists of professional freelance sites, until finally I found the one.

I came across a professional. Natasha Pelley-Smith was her name, her portfolio had amazing reviews and quality illustrations that boasted ethereal style, breathtaking details, and originality; all suiting my creative concepts. I knew I made the right decision.

Fine Art Piece By Natasha Pelley-Smith

After seeing her first drawing for my book, my jaw literally dropped. It was like looking at a picture sent from heaven above. however, it was a piece of work done by a professional illustrator. I realized from that moment onward, I couldn’t have been luckier to have chosen Natasha Pelley-Smith to illustrate the most masterfully woven pieces of art, she put her heart and sweat into creating, to allow my vision, come to life. As I continued to receive the rest of her illustrations each piece aided in the completion of my story book (Gabe’s Christmas Wish).

Thank you, Natasha, I am truly blessed.

Feel free to check her artwork out if you are in need of a professional illustrator.