One day I began pondering the “elephant in the room” so to speak. The question was “Do we live forever?” I was a young soul at the time, however it intrigued me as I’m sure it does for many children. I began asking my parents and grandparents the common five W’s. Believe me, they put on their thinking caps and even stumbled on what sort of answer to contribute. There were answers of all kinds such as, “We pass and go to heaven,” “We see our loved ones once we cross over,” to “our spirit lives on forever,”(My current consideration). There were many other answers my loved one’s were kind enough to share but with their brave efforts, no answer satisfied my thirsty noggin.

I longed for some sort of validation on this topic, but one day I asked myself, “is there really one answer for loss”? The short answer is “No, there is really no answer.”

I am fully aware that we all cope with such a difficult topic differently and carry diverse perspectives throughout our lives. Coping with loss, is undeniably unique to everyone. Either way, we have special loved ones in our lives that mean the world to us.

I would love to leave you with this vital piece of advice. “Always love yourself. You matter in this world and even though we sometimes lose touch during difficult times, remember that self love is something we all deserve no matter what.”

Photo by: Jacob Owens