Aren’t these love lanterns cute?

Love Lanterns Made

This DIY is lot of fun. I wanted to share this family fun craft to you all in case you were wanting a simple yet affordable activity you can whip up with your loved ones. Materials needed are simply:
– Construction Paper
– Scissors
– Tape
Other decorations Optional

I hope you enjoy this family love lantern activity and feel free to share your version of these love lanterns on Instagram or Pinterest by tagging me with the title #lovelanterns. First and fore most though, have fun!

Be as creative you want to be.

Once you have drawn the image you would like on the construction paper. Simply fold the paper in half and cut strips starting on the folded end. Be sure to leave an inch or so at the end, don’t cut the strip off.

pre cut lantern

Unfold the paper and twirl it around until the ends meet. Tape the ends together. Voila, the lantern is done. Add mini lights, a handle or anything else creatively you can think of. Have fun, the sky is the limit. Great for the whole family to enjoy.

Completed Love Lantern

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