Have a bunch of flowers? Want a fun craft to do with your kids while preserving those beautiful flowers? Get your kids engaged with plants, flowers and the beauty plants provide.

This simple craft is very easy to do. First the fun part. Grab any beautiful leaves and/or flowers you have around the yard and\or house.

To do this craft is very simple. Grab whatever flowers and/or flowers you would like.

  • Place the flowers/leaves on a paper towel
  • Cover the flowers/leaves with another paper towel
  • Carefully place the flowers/leaves in the microwave
  • Place a flat microwaveable dish on top of the paper towels
  • Microwave for 1 minute, then 30 second intervals until all leaves/flowers are dried
  • Perform the steps until you have enough dried flowers/leaves

Once completed simply grab your medium for which you wish to display the craft. It can be in between glass in a frame or you can do as I did and glue on wood plaques.

Then simply place or glue your flowers in desired design based on the medium you chose. My kids chose their initial and adding extra design around.

Hope you enjoyed the craft. Share your craft on social media and tag me. I would love to see the design you and your family create.